Our mission is to partner with winter snowsports resorts to provide a better experience to guests who rent equipment by offering a 4-part Smart Rental Solution that digitizes the rental process, adds convenience of outdoor pickup and is automated to decrease unnecessary touch points. The cornerstone of SnoBoxPro is our Smart Locker hardware which can be integrated with our Smart Rental app, Smart Waiver integration and our proprietary SmartDINs app. By incorporating a SnoBoxPro system into an existing rental strategy, resorts are able to streamline their equipment rental process and eliminate long lines and wait times at the resort, ultimately enhancing the guest experience and creating happy, repeat customers.

SBP Mission

For skiers and snowboarders

We make renting easy and pain free. You can choose your gear online and pick it up at your preferred time, without ever having to enter the rental shop. With a one-touch click and collect slopeside Smart Lockers, all you need is the QR code generated in your order, and the gear is ready for you to take on the mountain. Returning is just as simple - simply bring the equipment back to the Rentals and personal belongings can also be “checked in” to a SnoBoxPro Smart Locker for safekeeping by day or overnight, so there’s no unnecessary or annoying gear schlepping through the village, on the tram or into the Apres scene.

For Rental Shops

Our freestanding, one-touch locker system minimizes unnecessary interactions and wait times to get guests on the mountain faster. Smart Rental integration allows guests to choose equipment in advance and they can sign mandatory resort waivers digitally via Smart Waiver. Lastly, 2-factor authentication and educational tools offered by our proprietary SmartDINs app makes in-person tech guidance and hold-harmless waivers a thing of the past. Did we mention SnoBoxPro lockers are rugged enough to withstand -4° F? It’s a slopeside must-have.